MITRE R&D Networks Hacked via Ivanti Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

MITRE R&D Networks Hacked via Ivanti Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

MITRE Corporation, a non-profit entity responsible for managing federally funded research and development facilities, has disclosed that one of its internal research and development networks fell victim to a highly advanced cyber attack.

“MITRE Corporation is a non-profit organization that runs government-funded research and development centers. It provides objective guidance to government agencies on defense, healthcare and cyber security. It is good at systems engineering and cyber security. They work with various sectors to improve technology and security. It also manages the CVE system and creates cybersecurity standards.”

  • MITRE’s cybersecurity team detected an intrusion into one of its internal research and development (R&D) networks, taking immediate action to contain and address the incident.
  • The attack has been traced to the UNC5221 group, a cyber threat actor believed to be based in China.
  • Despite the breach, the organization’s core business operations and public-facing networks remained unaffected.
  • To thoroughly investigate the attack and identify the perpetrators, MITRE is engaged in collaborative efforts with its federal sponsors and law enforcement agencies.
  • In line with best practices for incident response and ongoing investigation protocols, the organization has refrained from disclosing further specifics about the attack.

MITRE’s cyber security team has uncovered a highly sophisticated cyber attack targeted at one of the organization’s internal research and development networks. This discovery prompted MITRE to rapidly implement its established incident response protocols to prevent the attack and mitigate its impact.

According to official sources, MITRE has confirmed that the cyber attack was carried out by a foreign nation-state threat actor. This malicious actor successfully compromised the Ivanti Connect Secure appliance, a critical component that facilitates connectivity across MITRE’s multiple trusted networks.

The report from leading cybersecurity firm Volexity shows that Chinese hackers exploited vulnerabilities in more than 2,100 Ivanti devices. This exploit allowed them to collect sensitive account and session data from the infiltrated networks, with many Fortune 500 corporations across various sectors becoming victims of these breaches.

A MITRE representative said, “MITRE was among the entities compromised in this attack. We believe it is important to transparently share our experiences to help others learn from these incidents.”

Despite the breach, MITRE has assured its customers and the public that the compromised network is separate from its operational and public-facing network. These networks continue to work securely and without any interruption.

The organization has taken proactive steps to notify its sponsors, customers, and relevant authorities about the incident. The organization is actively collaborating with these stakeholders to address any concerns arising from the cyber attack.

An MITRE spokesperson commented, “Our decision to immediately disclose this incident reflects our commitment to the public interest and our advocacy for cybersecurity best practices that can enhance enterprise security and overall cyber defense preparedness.”

In connection with the ongoing investigation, MITRE has refrained from revealing specific details about the methodology of the attack, the identity of the perpetrators, or the potential impact on its research and development initiatives.

The organization confirmed, “We have engaged law enforcement agencies and relevant parties, and are working diligently to restore operational capabilities to cooperate in a safe and expeditious manner.”

“No organization is immune from such cyberattacks, even those that prioritize maintaining the highest cybersecurity standards,” stressed Jason Providex, MITRE President and CEO.

As a trusted leader in cybersecurity solutions, MITRE is steadfast in maintaining strong security measures to protect its networks, data and intellectual property. The organization pledges to continue its thorough investigation, strengthen its security, and share relevant insights with the cybersecurity community to prevent similar attacks in the future

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