10 important Tools for Ethical Hackers


The act of using hacking techniques to identify and fix security flaws in networks or software is known as ethical hacking. And to perform this work, ethical hackers use a variety tools. In this web story, we'll explore 10 essential tools that every ethical hacker should have in their toolkit.

Nmap is a Linux command-line tool that is free and open source. It is used for network analysis, host discovery, and security auditing. A "map" of the network is made by using it to find hosts and services on a computer network. You can use Nmap to identify hosts and services, as well as to detect security vulnerabilities.


An ethical hacker uses Metasploit to find and exploit vulnerability in a computer system or network by developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine.

#2 Metasploit

Ethical hackers can record and examine network traffic using the network protocol analyzer i.e., Wireshark. It is used to analyze network protocols, find security flaws, and fix network issues.

#3 Wireshark

Burp Suite is a web application security testing tool that allows ethical hackers to test the security of web applications. It is used to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in web applications. It is also known as the "Swiss Army knife of the Hackers"

#4 Burpsuite

Using the password-cracking tool John the Ripper, ethical hackers can test the security of passwords. It is used to crack password hashes, and to test the effectiveness of password policies.

#5 John the ripper

Aircrack-ng is a wireless network security testing tool that allows ethical hackers to test the security of wireless networks. It is used to crack WEP and WPA-PSK keys, and to test the effectiveness of wireless network security measures.

#6 Aircrack-ng

Hydra is a password cracking tool that allows ethical hackers to test the strength of passwords. Using it, one can attempt brute-force attacks on password-protected systems and test password policies' effectiveness.

#7 Hydra

Maltego is a data mining and information gathering tool that allows ethical hackers to gather and analyze information about a target. This tool is used to identify potential security vulnerabilities and establish relationships among people, organizations, and other entities.

#8 Maltego

It is an intrusion detection and prevention system that enables ethical hackers to monitor network traffic for any indications of suspicious activity. It is used to find potential security flaws as well as to detect and stop network-based attacks.

#9 Snort

Kali Linux is a Linux distribution that is specifically designed for ethical hacking and penetration testing. It has a collection of ethical hacking tools and resources.

#10 Kali linux

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